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Fishing boats, as the name suggests, are boats designed specifically for fishing. This is

not to say that there are no other boats that can be used for both fishing and other

recreational activities. However, not all boats used in fishing can be used for other

activities. In fact, it is this category of boats specifically designed for this purpose that

one can refer to as fishing boats. These boats are usually designed distinctly from

other boats. As such, fishing boats are usually used on both salt and fresh water. Also,

they possessed qualities such as; strength, stability and durability to survive the

fishing sports across all kinds of waterways. In fact, fishing vessels that meet up with

these factors are indispensable to maritime activities. This is not only because they

fulfill the demand with supply in the fisheries sectors but also because in their

absence, this simple activity can come to a standstill.

There are different types of fishing boats just as there are different reasons to engage

in the sport. Also, different countries have their own fishing boats designed, all

tailored to the flow of the river. While some boats are designed with the singular

activity of only getting the person to the river, while the launching and catching of the

fishes is left to the hand of the fisher, other boats are designed not only to convey but

also to engage in the catch, thus making the activity more convenient and faster. It is

in this regard that factors such as the size of the boat and its structure goes a long way

to determine the kind of fish and sometime the quantity that will be caught. Also,

since the sport is also affected by the advancement in technology, new fishing vessels

keeps arising from time to time.

Fishing Fillet Caddy Installed on fishing Boat by terra Mar Caddy Company

The different types of fishing boats range from simple homemade floating contraption

to the inflatable fishing boats right to the luxurious full-deck boats that professional

fishing agencies make use of. Some of these types of boat that will be explicated

include; Seiners, Longliners, Trawlers etc. All these are professionally boats. While

for the less professional we have Dinghies, Jon Boats, Walk-around Boats etc.

The Seiners Boats are so named because of their use of the Seine nets. The nets are

singular in shape and are specifically used to haul the fishes around the water surface.

The nets are built in such a way that, at first glance, they resemble a huge floating

device, but having haul the surrounding fishes, the lower part of the nets closes

together in such a way that the fishes are entrapped in the nets. This type of boat is

usually used by professional fishermen.

The Trawlers, like the Seiners, also use Trawl nets in catching a large volume of

fishes. These Trawl nets are suspended by aiding equipment and can trailed under the

water surface to haul and trap the fishes. However, unlike the Seiners Boats, the

Trawlers are found in virtually all the countries and used by professionals.

The Longliners, as suggested by its name, has a long heavy fishing cord with a series

of almost 1000 baited hooks. These hooks hanged loosely on the cord from the main

line by means of branch lines called 'snoods'. The number of hooks on the Longliners

Boats depends on these three factors

*the size of the vessel

*The number of crew *The level of mechanization

It is noteworthy that the number of professionals boats is not limited to these three, in

fact, these are just a few out of the numerous professional fishing boats we have.

Also, subsumed within these three explicated are countless sub-categories, each for a

specific purpose.

In terms of recreational and less professional boat, as already listed above, we have

small Dinghies to large charter cruisers.

The Dinghies are the most commonest and simple boats. They are made of rubber and

are usually air-inflated. This makes it easy to carry around. Also, they are very perfect

and usually used for one-man fishing.

The Jon Boats - also another easy boat, especially in terms of maintenance - are made

of aluminum and are usually flat-bottomed. As such, passengers makes use of the

available bench in boats. The benches sometimes can only seat 3 people at a

time.These small, lightweight aluminum boats (ranging from 8 to 20 ft) are also easy

to trailer or even strap to the roof of a car or truck using a Rack. All these make them

easily carried from one place to another.

The Walk-around Boats. The walkaround is a versatile freshwater/saltwater fishing

boat that is comfortable in large lakes, coastal waters or offshore. As the name

implies, this type of boat can easily be walked around, especially when the rods

attached to the stern has angled a fish. This type of boats are usually used by families

because of its capacity to seat a large number of people. If you have a family that

enjoys watching you or being with you while you are fishing, this boat offer a very

appealing moment. In fact, they can be used for day cruises and for also for overnight

camping adventures on the water.

In conclusion from the foregoing, it is quite apparent that the type of fishing activities

one wants to engage in will determine the type of boat to be used.

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