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The fishing culture in America dates as far as the precolonial period. Its origins contribute immensely to the founding of the country. Though the history of fishing dates way back and remains even more significant to other cultures; over time, it has become an part-and-parcel of the American heritage. Allegedly, before the European settlers came along, there had been fishing activities going on in America. It’s also been recorded that those early European settlers also benefited greatly from sea products, that King Charles I of Baltimore approved of fishing rights. Fishing in America has always been a major source of food. However, it was after the advent of the world war II that people began to consider other sides to fishing, like its recreational and sporting aspects, asides just food production. Thus, paving the way for modern anglers and giving a rise to their industry in the 1870’s. This move partly contributed to the fishing industry, especially fighting against poachers, pollution and unregulated fishing, thereby limiting the activities of people who have no particular concern for maintaining and

conserving fishing other than just catching fish. However, some anglers took it upon

themselves to catch a large variety of fish until the government established the catch- and-release concept.

In recent times, the $90 billion industry has boosted the economy with a lot of people who engage in fishing activities for either recreational, sports or consumption purposes,

whatever the case may be, it contributes largely to the fishing sector. As the years progress, modern recreational fishing becomes even more sophisticated and technical than the early years, with the intent of making fishing a more fascinating sport. This has given rise to the innovation of more complex and technological fishing vessels and gear to facilitate the new- age fishing culture in America.

As interesting as fishing may seem to most people, also bear in mind that not everyone is happy with the fishing culture of the country, as it is a violation of animal rights. Regardless of the catch-and-release concept, a few people do not encourage the disturbance of the

aquatic natural habitat. In some cases, though varieties of fishes are caught, they are not necessarily returned to their natural habitat rather, they are placed in artificial habitats, an aquarium. The people who strongly negate fishing activities are likely to soon forget the

health, nutritional, recreational and educative advantages of fishing.

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