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Florida a.k.a Fishing Capital of the World

Florida a.k.a Fishing Capital of the World, is one of the most renowned fishing locations in America, as a result of its well-orchestrated fishing resources and administrative

management. It possess more than 2,270 miles of tidal shoreline, over 11,000 miles of

waterways,and a great all year weather appropriate for outdoor/fishing activities.

According to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau report, Florida has the highest statistics of fishing activities in America with an increase of 24% between the years 2006-2011. For a fact, anglers seek only the best fishing venues and opportunities that are good for the industry. In as much as the economic progression and impact of Florida fishing is not fully recognized, in 2012 Florida beat all other states in the total angler expenditures, with roughly about $5billion spent. Thereby, supporting a lot of jobs, relating to the fishing industry Fishing in Florida supports a lot of jobs including boat manufacturing and repair, fishing gear and accessories, research and tourism and the likes of them. The amount of anglers in Florida can not single handedly boost the economic impact of fishing in the U.S. that is where the tourist anglers come in, to help boost and facilitate fishing activities in Florida knowingly or unknowingly. Anglers come from all works of life with the sole aim of enjoying the pleasure that is derived from fishing. According to the 2013 Census Bureau, it again shows that about 1.2 million visitor-anglers fished in Florida in 2012 as a result of sportfishing. Sportfishing has gradually become a norm and tradition in Florida, as it hosts some of the world’s best fishing tournament and expos all through the year. These include the Florida Sportsman Expo, Palm Beach International Boat Show, Southeast US Boat Show, Miami International Boat Show and it’s likes, which attract lots of anglers around America and the world at large.

The fishing culture in Florida goes beyond the conventional fishing, which is solely for

consumption benefits. It brings out the excitement and thrill in fishing, which modern

anglers seek the most.

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