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In choosing the right fishing gear, most people have different things they look out for, as

taste differs. However, the most basic things to consider before picking a fishing gear is to establish the kind of water (salt or fresh water) you intend fishing on and also the purpose for fishing; which also determines the type of fish you intend catching. If it’s fresh water fishing then you may be likely stream fishing for trouts, river fishing for catfish or panfish, lake fishing for bass and it’s likes. While salt water fishing offers a vast number of varieties fish and crustaceans. The type of fishing you engage in and the locations you pick, influences greatly your choices of choosing fishing gear.Always bear in mind that one fishing gear may not necessarily work in the same fishing conditions like the fly fishing technique requires a different gear from the trolling. Below are a few fishing gear to consider both on fresh water and salt water.

Getting the right fishing gear


 Fishing Rod; the most basic fishing gear used on fresh water. This is a pole or stick with a long string attached to it; at the end of the string lies a hook used to attach the bait and trap the fish. It differs in sizes (flexibility, thickness and length), the greater the size the greater the effectiveness in fishing.

 Spin Casting Rod; this is almost similar to the regular fishing rods, only that this has a

spool which is used to retrieve bait or catch.

 Fly Fishing Rod; this is a long, flexible and thin rod which has, attached to it feathers,

furs and foam tied to a hook. It can be considered in the fly fishing technique.

 Conventional Spinning Rod; the regular heavy-weight spin fishing rod which is has a

stronger string attached to it. It is used for catching larger fish.

Most fresh water fishing rods require spinning reels which aid an easy retrieval of fish or bait

from the water. These reels include, regular spinning reels, spin cast reels, flying cast reels.

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Unlike freshwater fishing gear, salt water requires heavy and durable gear. However, some of the gear used in freshwater fishing can be as well used in saltwater. The difference however is that, some of the saltwater gears are of greater durability. Below are a few saltwater fishing gear that differ from the conventional freshwater gear.

 Surfcasting rods; longer rods that run about a dozen feet long with a special

construction used to withstand surf breakers.

 Fishing reels; they are strong fishing line holders which increase mechanical accuracy

and advantage to handle and pressure strong fish during a drag.

Another factor you may like to consider in picking a fishing gear is your budget. You may

know the type of water you’s like to fish on but it is always advisable to either work with the

budget you have or save up to reach the amount of your desired fishing gear.

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