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Many people are conversant with the art of fishing either as a sport, hobby or marketing

purposes. Basically, fishing is the act of catching fish; sometimes successfully and other

unsuccessfully. Overtime, different techniques of fishing have been used and it gets even better. These techniques range from spearing, netting, hand gathering to trapping and angling. However, fishing is not particular to only fish but other aquatic animals such as crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms etc for either recreational or scientific research purposes. Whatever purpose fishing serves to different people the important thing to know is that every fishing activity requires fishing vessel and gears. These fishing apparatus aid in the improvement of the art of fishing.

A fishing vessel is basically a boat or a ship which is used to catch fish, hence, the common accessories found on such boats include: fishing fillet holders, fishing cups, rod holder mounts, fishing fillet tables, fishing rod holder, fishing bait

holders, portable live well. These accessories makes fishing a lot easier for the


However, the most important part of fishing still involves the catch.

Fishing can never really be complete without actually catching any fish at all. Still, it is better to be geared up and ready especially when the catch is good.

You may be wondering what kind of boats would be good for fishing, consider these, kayaks, dugout canoes, rafts, small dinghies, pontoon boats, cabin cruisers, runabouts, yachts, big game rigs etc. Remember that the size of the vessels determine the kind of water you fish on. It is quite not safe to take a dugout canoe or small dinghies on a large water body. It is also important to know that the first thing to consider before choosing a fishing gear is to know the kind of water you want to fish on.

Fishing and boating accessories are quite necessary not only for catching fish but for also temporarily preserving them until further use. Below is a list of some fishing/boating accessories.

Fishing fillet tables; this is necessary for cutting fish on board without making a mess all

over the boat.

 Cup holder; prevents drink spillage on board

Fishing rod holder; holds the fishing rod in place while the fisherman multitasks

 Portable live well; a carved hole or portable mobile vessel used to store water gotten

from the fish natural habitat to preserve the fish after a catch. It usually has ports to let

in oxygen and a pipe to take in/give out water.

Fishing caddy; an improvised fishing bucket which can function as both a live well and

fishing stool. It also has tackle box, fishing rod and cup holder. It contains all the

necessary items required for basic fishing. Unless you want to go on large water bodies,

then a caddy may not be really necessary.

To improve fishing and boating experiences is to facilitate a better and easier way of fishing

that can be less stressful to the fisherman/angler.

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