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As the year progresses, so also the tools for fishing moves from the ordinary twine on

a stick to high-tech rods and lures. Just as different fishes lives and survived in

different areas of the water column(eg the surface, mid water, bottom dwelling) and

behaves in various ways, so also does the tools use in angling the fishes vary in sizes,

materials, shapes and purposes. Fishing equipments, also refers to as fishing tackle or

fishing rigs, encompasses all the various numerous tools and implements used for the

success of the fishing activity. These equipment range from the common rod and

reels, the classic combination hooks, lines and sinkers to the high-tech gaffs, tackle

boxes and so on. The concentration of this article is on the essential equipment, which

without, the fishing activities is fruitless. These tools include, the rod and reel, the

hook, the lines, the sinker or weight, the bait or lure etc. A brief explanation of their

uses and importance will highlighted below.

The first equipment that will be explicated is the fishing rod. This tool is simply a

slender pole made up of a strong but pliable material. It is the long extended part of

the fishing equipment usually classified by their strength, action and responsiveness.

They are often made from graphite or fiberglass. When combined with a fishing line

and reel, the rod makes it easy to cast one's line far into the water.

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The fishing reel, line and the rod works hand in hand, in fact, virtually all the fishing

tools work collectively except the bucket and the cooler used in collecting the fish.

The reel is what holds the fishing line, allowing the fisher to cast out easily and

tacitly. It allows the fisher to pull in a fish or simply reel the line in for another cast.

The fishing line is a cord which allows the fisher to cast his/her hook and bait far into

the water. Unlike the modern fishing lines made from cords, the earliest fishing lines

were made from leaves or plant stalk(Parker 2002). However, the most common kind

of line is the Monofilament. It is a single strand line with the ability to stretch under

loads. Fishing with this line and fishing hook is generally refers to as 'angling'.

The fishing hook, simply put, is a device for catching fish either by impaling them in

the mouth or, more rarely, by snagging the body of the fish. The hooks are designed

in such a way that once the fish is attracted to the bait or lure, they catch the fish. As a

result, they vary in size, shape and material depending on the type of fish one is

angling for. Fishing hooks are manufactured for a range of purposes, from the general

fishing to extremely limited and specialized applications. They are also designed to

hold different types of baits, either dead or alive, artificial or natural.

The Baits and Lures varies from cheap worms and fish eggs to more expensive live

baits, such as, small live fishes and frogs. Baits can also be as simple as a

marshmallow or a kernel of corns. Lures, however, varies in price and sophistication.

While some can mimic the behaviours of the favourite prey of the fishes, others invite

the attention of the fishes with colours and reflections.

The weight or sinkers usually determine where the hook settle in the water. They are

usually used to pull the hook deeper in the water, especially in an area where the

bottom dwelling fishes are. The weight dangles enticingly in front of the fishes and

lure them to the bait. The weight is usually used with a float that holds the line closer

to the water surface to prevent it from sinking. Where the floats is being placed is

usually used to determine how deep the weight on the line can take the hook.

Other necessary equipment for a less strenuous fishing activities include, a good sharp

knife used in cutting the line once the fish is caught or when the line tangles. Also, as

already noted, an average size bucket and cooler is also very essential to collect the

fish. Specially designed fishing hats is also advisable, this is to protect one's face from


It is obvious from the foregoing that, for any fishing activities to be successful, there

is a need to get the necessary needed equipment. Although some boats used for

professional fishing are built with their hooks, rods and fishing nets, other can only

convey the fisher to the water. However, whether or not a boats is with some of the

basic tools for the sport, the fishing activity is not complete without all the tools

explained above.

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