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Fishing could be a lot fun when there’s a catch involved. There are many water bodies but not all of them are quite safe for fishing; others do not necessarily yield productive fishing results. Asides, knowing the particular fishing venue you would like to fish on, it is also quite expedient to know the locations that are most likely to yield productive results and at the same time have good locations to set up camp. Though, some of the best fishing bodies may not necessarily have conducive camping sites.

There are a lot of fascinating fishing and camping locations around the U.S but you may like to consider other possible locations outside the shores of the U.S. It is important to know that fishing on government recognized locations, especially National parks and the likes of them, strongly encourage the catch-and-release system of fishing. Here are a few

considerable and reasonable fishing and camping locations.

 Skane, Sweden: located in the south region of Sweden. Wild camping is very much

encouraged under Allemansratt, ‘the right to roam’. The serenity makes camping along

the Skane beaches or lakes memorable.

Best fishing sites in the World Skane sweden

 Eg-Uur River Basin, Mongolia (taimen): this Asian location is the home to one of the

world’s largest and terrific trout species, the taimen. They can typically grow up to 2m

and are locally known as river wolves. Mongolia fishing season is from June to

November yearly.

Best fishing sites in the World mongolia

 Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia (salmon): the Umba river is an isolated location

which sometimes makes the movement quite difficult for fishermen. Nonetheless, the

journey is always worth it as the Umba is a haven for salmon. The salmon season runs

from May till October yearly.However, the greatest challenge you are likely face with

the Umba is the fact that you may have to share your salmons with bears.

 Vancouver Island, British Columbia: The Pacific Rim National Park and the West Coast

trail are terrific places to set up camp. They are not only recommended for camping and

fishing but the view is quite striking.

Best fishing sites n the World Patagonia

 Patagonia, Argentina and Chile: a great camp location and experience for anyone with a flare for adventure.

 Southern America (catfish): one of the best locations to catch those slippery and

cunning catfish. It’s season runs from May.

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