Specifically Designed by ‘SOS’ for the reinforcement of Gunnels when using only the Smaller
size of 3-Bolt OEM & aftermarket Rod Holders that Filet & Drinks type tables are often
supported/mounted within.
The UBP-S Is a large 5.620” x 4.00” and very strong x3 hole pattern Typ. SS316 x 3mm thick
backing plate with 1” overall length elongated slots for ¼” diameter fasteners and also includes
additional Corner ears for additional/optional corner mounting.
Our included x3pcs of Heavy-Duty 1/10 th ” thick custom rectangular shaped washers provide
maximum clamping rigidity for the Smaller Rod Holder plate pattern.
When used in conjunction with our TS-KIT (Table-Stabilizer-Kit) makes for a more stable
installation of our Larger Table Caddy models and other filet table type products.
See below for the Kit details and the .pdf with dimensional information.



  • Suits most Small 3-hole type Vertical & 15 degree Stainless-Steel. (Some 30deg.)  *Please check before ordering the .pdf dimensional specs. to confirm that it will fit your Rod Holder/s.
  • Material: Stainless-Steel Typ. 316 x 3mm thickness. (Currently Laser cut!)


Kit Includes:

  • x3pcs of 2-1/2” long x ¼-20 diameter SS316 Posi-drive fasteners. (82deg).


  • x3pcs of SS316 Custom rectangular shaped washers. (.100” thick x .980”L x”.630”W).
  • x3pcs of SS316 ¼-20 ‘Nyloc’ Nuts.


Clamping thickness possible with:

  • 0./ Vertical = up to 2.00” in gunnel thickness.

  • 15deg. = up to 1.750” in gunnel thickness.


    30deg. = up to 1.625” in gunnel thickness.


    ORDER the #UBP-S Direct from the Terra-Mar Caddy Company. (Currently NOT available in any Fishing Stores)

  • IN STOCK Only $29.95 kit.

    (+ FL sales tax, shipping & handling.)


We also sell just the Backing Plate and also some Aftermarket Stainless-Steel Rod-Holder kits. Please see our Accessories Pages.

UBP-S Backing Plates


    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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