Even though Every Table was sent out with several included and most popular Insert styles for the model type, you can purchase additional 'Dog-Bone' Inserts for any Table 'Caddy' model that you have purchased!


DB-08 'Beckson Small Cup Sizing (A Snug Fit).


Fits: T1 & T1 'Party-Caddy', T2 Combo-Caddy, T3 & T3 'Combo-Caddy'. T5, T6 'Party-Caddy',

T7 'Combo-Caddy', & T8.


Inserts Hole Sizes: Are both 2.860" (Actual Useable.)


Typical Items Stowable in Both Ends:

Small 500ml Water Bottles.

Soda & Beer Cans.

Beer bottles.

'Beckson' Brand of Smaller Press in Cups. (they have a usable 2.710" inside diameter).

All above containers fit in this cup holder.


Product info:

CNC machined from 1/2" thick HDPE (UV resistant).

Radiused Edges.

Designed for a slightly 'snug' fit in Table Tops and Drinks Inserts.



    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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