NAPKIN HOLDER -  KIT  (black only available)


Fits:  T1 and T5 Table models

         T5 'Party Caddy' Insert #PCI-17

         T6 'Combo Caddy' Insert.

Others:  Please see *Note


Add the NH-01-KIT at any time to the above listed Table models and Caddy Inserts.


It maintains a tidy Caddy appearance and has a place to keep items handy like straws, napkins and stirrers in one convenient table location.  The compact design with an attached custom CNC machined adapter rail, bolts directly to the table into the CNC pre-machined holes and then x2 wing nuts simply secures the Napkin Kit to the Table top or Caddy Insert.


Made with durable ABS plastic, this organizer has five smaller compartments, and a large 5-3/4" x 5-3/8" compartment.  The Holder is pre-assembled onto the adapter rail with stainless steel fasteners.


Quick and easy to install without tools!

The supplied x2 pieces of 1/4-20 simply fit to the CNC pre-drilled holes already in the Table top and the Stainless Steel wing-nut secures finger tight on the underside of the table top.


*NOTE:  For our other Tables and Caddy inserts not listed above, it is possible that you could drill and attach the NH-01-KIT yourself.  We initially opted to only have through bolting with easy nut access to ensure that the Napkin Holder Kit and fasteners had no interference with Swing Cups, table side braces and all the various table options so be very careful when deciding where to place the NH-01-KIT before drilling holes!


Overall Holder dimensions:

Length:     9-3/8"

Width:       5-5/8"

Height:      4-3/16"

Adapter:    1/4" holes spacing = 6.0" centered.


Included in Kit:

  • Holder
  • HDPE adapter kit
  • x2 pcs 1/4-20 Stainless Steel fasteners
  • x2 pcs Wing Nuts (SS18-8)







    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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