ROD HOLDER MOUNT-KIT (Tilting & 360degrees of Head-rotation.)


  • Specifically Designed by ‘SOS’ for exclusive use with all of our ‘Caddy’ Filet & Drinks Table models and also suits many other Filet tables with an industry Standard bolt pattern mounting.
  • The strong ‘Clam-Shell’ clamping action design with its re-positional tightening Handle makes for a more secure and safer clamping of Filet and Drinks tables, Grills and other potentially mountable fishing accessories direct or via Plates.
  • The very unique 360 degrees rotational ‘clam-shell’ clamping ball head design permits a mounted table or accessory to be fully rotated/repositioned without removing the Arm from a Rod Holder. Large mounting Pad for more strength, table and accessory support.
  • It suits Vertical & 15 degree Small & Large diameter Rod Holders. (Some 30 degree instances).
  • The Lower Stainless-Steel tube folds flat for easy Table ‘Caddy’ transportation & storage.
  • If used in conjunction with our Table Stabilizer kit #TS-KIT they together make for a more stable mounting of larger Tables in Rod Holders on Gunnels.


Large heavily loaded Tables do require the use of Rod Holder Backing plates and Stabilizers!



  • Stainless-Steel & Aluminum Hard-coat Anodized Construction.
  • 360 Degree Rotational Ball Head and easy re-positional handle Clamping Design.
  • Large 4.50” x 2.50” Mounting Plate. (Please see .pdf for typical Table clearance info.)
  • Standard Dual x4 Bolt Pattern of 2.75” x 1.25” for ¼” through bolting and a 1-1/4”  square x ¼-20 blind threaded pattern. (Same bolt patterns as the Magma arm.)
  • 1-1/2” Diameter Stainless-Steel Tube with 2- cross pairs of ¼” end Rod-Holder notches.
  • Currently Includes x1 Pair of Black rubber slide-on tight fitting tube spacers of 1.625”dia. OD and also an additional pair with a 1.720” diameter OD to take up the ‘excessive play’ in most small and larger Rod-Holders.  (Note: Unfortunately, there are No standards when it comes to Rod Holder manufacturers Sleeve ID sizing, however our spacers somewhat help out with keeping clearances to a minimum).
  • Assembled and tested in Florida. USA.
  • buy the #T360RHM Direct from the Terra-Mar Caddy Company. 


NOT Currently available in any Fishing Stores!

Contact 'SOS' for Dealer Qty Pricing and availabilty!

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T360RHM Rod Holder Mount


    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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