Specifically Designed by ‘SOS’ for our Larger ‘Caddy’s’ and other Filet and drinks tables that can hold
numerous bottles and drink related items and is a recommended ‘must have’ option to add-in for use
on our Larger T1, T5, T6, T8 model ‘Caddy’ Table’s when the ‘Caddy’ Table is mounted in a Rod Holder
and the Drinks or Filet table is to be heavily loaded in weight! They Can also be installed onto our other Large in size T2, T3, T7 Filet, Drinks and even on the T9 Grill ‘Barbi-Caddy’ Models.


What our Stabilizer Leg kit does:

  • Adjustable Legs: It has adjustable-for-length Telescoping legs that when deployed, utilizes the Vessels Gunwale top surface for extra Table weight support and also helps level the mounted Table once set-up in either a small or large type Rod holder when using our T360RHM Tilt Mount.  Note: Rod Holders that don’t have the recommended backing plates, need additional Table support, especially when using Large heavily loaded Drinks and filet tables then can overstress the Boats Gunwale material or the Rod Holder and fasteners!
  • Mounting: They both Mount directly to the existing Backing plate of your ‘Caddy’ table and potentially to other types of aftermarket tables if the TS-KIT Length range is suitable for your particular application!
  • Swing/Rubber foot pad: Each leg individually swings 90 degrees down and stops perpendicular/square to the table. A 7/8” Diameter Non-marring Rubber tube End-pad Presses down onto the Gunwale surface.
  • Offset from the T360RHM Rod Holder Mount: We mount the TS-KIT Legs 3.850” from the T360RHM’s center & with an 18” spread/spacing. Very narrow Gunwale’s could have a problem using the Stabilizer Legs, but moving them is an option! Note: This Requires careful drilling of the Table and dismantling of Stabilizer legs!
  • Storage: Each ‘Leg’ conveniently Folds away under the Table for storage as it pivots about a strong & secured SS316 Mounting bracket.
  • Setting the Legs: It has a simple Cam-lever type clamp (1 on each leg) that Clamps around the Telescoping section after setting for length and if needed easily unclamps for when storing the Caddy table.  Note: In a lot of instances once you’ve set the Stabilizers length for your particular boat's Rod Holder that you always use, you may not have to unclamp on each occasion for storage when folding away!
  • Length Range: It’s adjustable-for-length Range suits most applications of our ‘Caddies’ when using our T360RHM Tilt Mount when mounted into both Small and Larger Rod Holder size types.


The Deployed shortest length setting possible is 5.20”
The Deployed longest length setting possible is 8.25” (8-1/4”)


  • Assembled and tested in Florida. USA.
  • If the TS-KIT is a CHOSEN option with your Table and T360RHM order, it will come already installed to the above listed table Offset Position! THIS WE CAN CHANGE IN THE EVENT OF NARROW GUNWALES.


Order the #TS-KIT Direct from the Terra-Mar Caddy Company. (Not Currently available in any Fishing Stores.)
                                                      Only $29.95 per kit.

                                                      + shipping & sales Tax

TS-KIT Table Stabilizer Kit


    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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