The V-Lock Base & Angled Plate is an alternative way to mount our 'Caddy' Tables.

A pair is recommended for maximum 'Caddy' Table stability.

If you are purchasing a Boat Show Special 'Caddy' then this Mounting option is only +$50.00 more than

with our #T360RHM Tilting Rod Holder Mount.

Our Stabilizers are not required when using the V-Locks!


Kit Includes:

x2pcs - 4" Bases (available in White or Silver powder coated Aluminum Bases)

                             (also available in HDPE 'Star-board' Material.)


x2pcs - 4" Right Angled Plates. (Plain Aluminum. Not coated). But could be painted if desired.


x8pcs (4 per plate) - #14 x 3/4" 18-8 S-Steel Posi-drive Self Tapping screws.



1. Our Tables are pre-drilled ready to accept the V-Lock Right Angled plate.

2. The Right angled plates are pre-drilled by us with 4-holes to match the Tables Backing plate.

3. Requires that the end user to install the Plates onto the 'Caddy' table. (as they won't fit in the box.)

4. Subject to your particular application.. the Plates can be reversed on the underside of the Table to change the table offset ! 


For additional information Contact: Stephen ('SOS') by email:



    Please note:  Paper Towel Holder 

    is for T1, T1-J, T5, T6, T7 Insert, T8 and T9 only



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