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Stephen O. Slatter (aka. SOS) is just about to celebrate his 25th Anniversary of Inventing, designing and engineering products.

For most of his early career, Rolls-Royce/Bentley (UK) Apprenticeship Trained technician ‘SOS’ worked within the Automotive industry including several years within the US engine parts industry for NASCAR and dragster products and then later transitioned over to the sport-fishing world  in  Miami, Florida.  His first company was SOS Global Products Inc. and  was ultimately responsible for the invention, development and manufacturing in the USA of the Very 1st Push-Button & Locking style of the Telescopic-Outrigger originally named the ‘SOS Tele-Outrigger’ (US Patent #5,921,196 – July 1999) of which that design and patent in 2000 was purchased by Taco Metals Inc. and now some 20+ years later is still the #1 Top selling Telescopic Outrigger and most widely utilized around the world.


‘SOS’ actually CNC Machined the components for then called SOS Tele-Outrigger in the mid 90’s on a Mazak Turning center.

A Trend-Setting designer indeed….and what you don’t know!

During that late 90’s period it was ‘SOS’ that actually first started the ‘trend’ of the Bolt-In Top-Mount style of mount that Outriggers mount into on the top of T-Tops and Hardtops and is the most widely used mount type used to this day by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and aftermarket  (stores)  and now various versions made by more than 6 different manufacturers and some even said it wouldn’t work but they ended up doing it also! Previously Outrigger Top-Mounts were welded in place!


Taco’s Grand-Slam products (Patent #’s 6,668,745 and 7,114,283) among many other items of their's cite ‘SOS’ as the inventor and with his design and engineering input including several engineering related trips to China many products came to market with his very diligent assistance!  Multiple top selling products were actually designed by ‘SOS’ for Taco during the 2000-2009 period and most were not Patented and most ended up as top selling items. Currently to date some 12 US Patents bear his name.


A 13th Patent is for a Spear-gun holder.  


The 2009 Recession.  As a result of the 2009 recession, the sports fishing industry was adversely affected and many manufacturers were forced to downsize and shelve new products.  ‘SOS’ temporarily changed careers by designing numerous injection molded products for a top US Company and he also designed classified US Military products for a private Florida company and other creative 3D design work for private individuals.



3D Design, CAD/CAM, CNC Machining.

Now With more than 19 years of 3D CAD Design and well in excess of 4,500 components having been designed, ‘SOS’ continues pushing on being creative and besides being a competent CNC Lathe and Mill machinist has now added CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to his list of skill-sets.

Note: Shown in the picture is ‘SOS’ working on the Taco GS270 3D CAD Model in the early 2000’s.

Not long after that model, it was 'SOS' that 1st created the underneath Crank-Handle operated Taco Grand-Slam 'GS350'.  Taco to this day still adopt the same principal of operation.

Very Late 2016

‘SOS’ is commissioned by Eastern Metals who own the Tigress product line  to revamp/redesign their Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Telescopic Outriggers and also design for them a New Bolt-In ‘XD’ Top Mount and ‘XD’ Center-Rigger Mount, which are an improvement of his previous patented designs.  Always innovative, ‘SOS’ actually improved his original patented designs.


Late 2017- early 2018.

Mission accomplished!  The designs were  completed and the New Tigress ‘XD’ Outriggers, ‘XD’ Top Mount and ‘XD’ Center-Rigger Mount will be available this 2019!


October 2017

Resigns from Tigress Outriggers & Gear as a Design consultant to further pursue his own new products development.    


Introducing Terra-Mar Caddy Company!

Terra-Mar Caddy Company has created an initial selection of currently ‘Made-to-order’ Custom Filet & Drinks Table ‘Caddies’ and some other associated innovative products designed and manufactured by SOS in Florida. These are Currently not available in Stores!




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